Queen For Seven Days Ending Thoughts

“This is a story of boy meets girl. But you should know upfront that this is not a love story.”

Instead it is a story about love.
The love between two brothers torn apart by jealousy and resentment. The love of a righteous subject who refused to give up on his king. The love between a mother and son, clouded by the fear of history repeating itself. The love of a loyal friend who sacrificed himself for the happiness of others. And of course, the love between two individuals who continued to grow and grow love despite the circumstances.

I’ve never seen noble sacrifice used as effectively as in 7DQ. Throughout the drama, it was logical, never like a contrived plot point. CK and Yeok had such a solid foundation of love and trust for each other. Their actions were consistent with their personalities and beliefs. There wasn’t any pointless misunderstandings because each other half understood the other’s motivations.  The world attempted to tear them apart physically and mentally, yet they fought against it in their own way. In the end they chose to live so that they could love. It was a heartbreaking and bittersweet journey but I loved every part of it. This drama shows exactly how a story about love should be told.



[REVIEW] Circle: Two Worlds Connected

To be honest…I’ve never really been much of a K-drama fan. I still haven’t seen hit dramas like Descendants of the Sun (despite my love for Song Joong Ki), You Who Came From the Stars, Secret Garden, and so on. But once in a while I will stumble upon one that I’ll absolutely love.

Circle: Two Worlds Connected (써클 : 이어진 두 세계) is sci-fi drama that takes place in two timelines – 2017 (The Beta Project) and 2037 (A Brave New World). It’s only 12 episodes so it’s great for a binge-watch.

We are first introduced to the twin brothers Kim Woo Jin and Kim Bum Gyun in 2007, when a mysterious encounter with an alien Byul (played by Gong Seung Yeon) changes their lives forever.

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浮士德的微笑 Behind Your Smile


So once again I’ve found another new drama to watch. Behind Your Smile 浮士德的微笑 (literally Faust’s Smile) seems like the usual TW-drama. Rich girl falls on tough times and is repeatedly saved by a cold but kindhearted rich guy. But there’s a twist – their encounters are not because of fate – it’s all part of the main guy’s quest for revenge.

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三嫁惹君心 (Three Marriages) Drama Adaptation


The news was confirmed by the author on weibo

OMG there’s going to be a drama adaptation of 三嫁惹君心 (Three Marriages) by 明月聼風 Ming Yue Ting Feng. This is one of my favourite C-novels, even though I haven’t read that many.  There’s mystery, there’s romance and the two leads (Ju Mu Er 居沐兒 and Long Yue 龍躍) are awesome. They’re smart, funny and just so right for each other.

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